First blog

Let me introduce myself.

Hi! I am Alicia Eyer. I am hard-working, friendly, caring, happy, faithful, and compassionate. I live in AL. I read Nicholas Sparks’ and christian books and like to watch movies, shop, and dine. I am learning and discovering new knowledge every day. I love being a sister, daughter, and aunt. I am truly loved, rewarded, and blessed. I love playing with my pets. I wish for a family of my own, continued happiness, and love without end. I cherish God and my family. I need love, faith, and hope. I wonder what lies ahead of me. I hear my family’s support and God’s guidance. I see God’s plan for my life. I want to better peoples’ lives and make a difference. I feel inexplicably at home in the surroundings of friends and family. I like to get to know new places and new people. I cry when we neglect to help others and look for faults. I understand God’s hand in all things. I love God and love others, freely and genuinely. I aspire to be a teacher and mother.


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