Reading the room from station to station

Nonfiction FeaturesFeature & Purpose

Title– tells what the book will be about.

Table of Contents– a list of chapters and topics with page numbers.

Heading– tells what a section will be about.

Glossary– tells important words and meanings.

Index– alphabetical listing of key words and page numbers.

Bold print words– important words, vocabulary words.

Photo with caption– a photo shows us what something looks like, the caption tells about the photo

Textbook Features:

Title Page– where you find the book’s title.

Illustrator– the person that drew the pictures.

Appendix– page(s) with information related to the book’s topic.

Table of Contents– the name of the chapter titles.

Author– the person that wrote the book.

Index– lists the page number(s) locating a word or topic in the book.

Glossary– a small dictionary with key words used in the book. The glossary has the definition of words that come up in a book.


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