What do good readers do?

A to Z List:


A- actively involved in the text, analyze

B- build meaning from the text

C- construct their own meaning with the help of the teacher and peers

D- draw conclusions, draw on all resources to understand, develop lifelong habits of literacy

E- evaluate, engage ideas more deeply, explore the images created by text passages

F- find out information

G- grow knowledge from print, gain bigger vocabularies

H- have a reading partner they can read to

I- imagine

J- joyfully read

K- know the author’s purpose

L- learn about things they didn’t know

M-  make sense of the text, make inferences

N- notice details

O- observe the author’s style

P- predict, picture walk, pause over interesting terms and phrases

Q- question the text  and their comprehension

R- reread, read with meaning, read like talk, relate to the text

S- study vocabulary, sound out words, store background knowledge, savor particular words

T- think on a higher level, track print as they read

U- understand what reading, use comprehension strategies

V- value reading, visualize

W- will take on the responsibility to become an effective reader, write to support understanding

X- expect reading to make sense

Y- yearn to read

Z- zero in on learning strategies when they need them


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