Silent ‘e’ becomes loud!

Think about the vowels a, e, i, o, & u.


When the letter e is added to a word, the vowel says its name. A short vowel is made into a long vowel. Examples: at/e, them/e, bit/e, not/e, & us/e.

-Make sentences with each pair of words. For example, at & ate–> I ate at McDonald’s.

-Tell them the theme of the story.

-My dog loves to bite a bit of bone.

-Do not forget the note that was given.

-It is good for us to use the library.

hat–> hate (add silent e)

mad–> made

plan–> plane

met–> mete (to measure)

sit–> site (a verb or noun), (means to locate), a location

Another way taught:

Sneaky e (silent e) sneaks around the consonant and pinches the 1st vowel. The ‘a’ vowel makes the aye sound when the letter e is added.


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