Organizing books in your classroom



Content- what is it about?, -sequential order, alphabet (multiple ways used)

Language- content expressed

Ease of reading- difficulty level of text and readability

Attractiveness- fancy illustrations and bright

Need- multiple ways used


You may want to organize your books by AR levels in Rubbermaid-like shelving units (3 drawers per unit) and each drawer contains 1 level of books. For example, the first drawer is 0.0 to 0.9 books and then continues on. Display the books in a storage item that allows students to browse the books by front cover/title, remembering that interest is highly motivational when self-selecting. It requires a bit of space (2-3 inches) for pulling books forward and browsing through their current level (GR) of reading. Have students check to make sure the baskets have the correct labeled books in baskets. You can buy six colored milk crates and Rubbermaid white baskets that fit nicely in them. Each crate/basket is a different color dot. Explain the system to the students on the first few days of school. Train a student to be the class librarian and it is their responsibility when they have finished their work to make sure the right books are in the right baskets. You may want to use small, medium, and large colored plastic baskets for different genres or topics/themes. A challenge is finding the levels when Scholastic and AR book finder doesn’t recognize them. Color code the spines by grade level, so that you can quickly sort them for whatever grade level you might be teaching. Put them in Lexile Level order. You may want to use square baskets to organize your books.


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