Start every single day in your classroom with the musical morning routine!

Use this time every single day to review skills that have already been learned in class or preview skills that you know are coming up later in the year. On a perfect day, you can cover nearly 100 skills during the morning routine! The kids have so much fun that they don’t even realize how much they are learning!

Ideas/effective teaching strategies to use/put them to the test in my classroom:

-Use auditory prompting to guide the kids through different transitions.

-Use creative ways to praise the kids when they do well.

-Use creative manipulatives to guide your instruction.

-Use different ideas to put to the test!

“Good morning, class!”

“Good morning, Ms. ____________.”

“It’s going to be a good day, today!”

“You bet ya!”

“Today is ________ ____, _____.” (the date)

“The secret code is __-__-__.” (the date)

“It’s ________.” (the day)

“So, let’s do this, right. Let’s do this big time.”

“Let’s turn this puppy out.”

“Who can come show me what today is?”

“Tell me. What is today’s date? Today is _________ ___, ____.”

“Give that girl a firework!”

“Yesterday was _________ ___, ____.”

“Give that girl a high-five!”

“Hi, five!” (wave to their hand)

“Tomorrow. Tomorrow. I love ya, tomorrow. You’re only a day away. Who can come show me what tomorrow is?”

“Tomorrow will be what?”

“Give that girl a roller coaster!”

“Give a Miss America wave! There she is, Miss America!”

Practice counting by fives.

Money. Show us how much money we’ve got. Count money, please.

“Up top!”

Editing. (Inspector Fix-it)

“Raise your hand if you see something wrong with this sentence.”

“I always need to start a sentence with a what?”


“I’m going to underline that and turn that into a capital ___.”

“What else do you see that’s wrong?”

“How do you get the “-ing” sound?”


“ING says ing! Ugh!”

Sight Words. 

“Follow my fingers, as I point.”

“Should you be stopping to sound these words out?”


Place Value. 

“Tens are tall and ones are small.”

“First, you count above the tens.  And then all the babies onto the end.”

“Show us sixty-four.”

“Six tens and four ones. Let me hear you count it just for fun.”

Odd and Even. 

“0, 2, 4, 6, 8. Who do we appreciate?”

“Even numbers, even numbers!”

“1, 3, 5, 7, 9. Odd numbers are so fine.”

Greater Than and Less Than. 

Use a deck of cards.



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