Do-It-Yourself: Alphabet Mat

Teach Beside Me shows you how to make an alphabet mat in order to help you effectively teach your children the ABCs.

Learning the Alphabet

The children can use it to say the alphabet & march along it as they sing or chant it. They can also use it with bean bags- they’ll say a letter & try to toss the bean bags to that letter. They can spell out their names and hop from letter to letter. You can use a pack of alphabet flash cards to match the cards with the letters on the mat. They can learn to match the lower case letter cards with the upper case letters on the mat.
If you want to make one, it’s really easy. Use a twin size flat sheet. Then, cut the letters out of multicolored fabrics with pinking shears. To divide the rows, use grograin ribbon. (4 rows of 7) Then, sew the letters on with a zig-zag stitch. There are 2 extra squares that you can fill with shapes.  Here are the letter templates you can use for the letters. These files have both upper and lower case letters.

Letters A-E
Letters F-J
Letters K-O
Letters P-T
Letters U-Z


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