What inspired you to become a teacher?

-Love for kids, love for learning, and love for education!


-A desire to help others.

-Love to watch kids learn! Kids have a brilliant view of the world and have a passion for curiosity. I hope to inspire my students to keep learning, as they grow and get older!

-I became a teacher to make a difference in a child’s life.

-I love to watch their little eyes shine, when they have conquered a new skill.

-I love making learning fun and seeing students engaged and enjoying themselves! There is no greater adrenaline rush than standing at the side of your classroom, when learning is taking place, and simply watching. 🙂

-I enjoy the feeling of teaching something and seeing others experience success.

-Knowing that my contributions make a difference in kids’ lives! 🙂

-Being an inspiration in children’s lives!

-The fact that I can make a difference in a child’s life.

-The look of amazement, when a student understands a concept that you took time to teach, just warms the heart.

-I love to learn new things, or more about things I already know…it is some kind of terrific job to share the yearning for learning!

-My great college professors in education inspired me to be a teacher.

-Having the ability to inspire generations of children to read, write, dip into their creative sides, and teach valuable life lessons.

-Influencing young minds for the better.

-Having a love and understanding for every child, no matter what.


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