Social Studies Books


Social Studies Stations

Accomplish many objectives. Use a graphic organizer to keep students on-task.

Topic: citizenship

Children’s literature: My Teacher for President by Kay Winters, Stuart LittleThink BigVote Little! by Laura DriscollMy senator and me: a dog’s eye view of Washington by Edward Moore KennedySee How They Run: Campaign Dreams, Election Schemes, and the Race … by Susan E. Goodman, Elwood H. Smith, We the Kids: A Preamble to the Constitution of the United States by David CatrowVote! by Eileen ChristelowThe Constitution and the Bill of Rights by Roben Alarcon, Shh! We’re writing the Constitution by Jean Fritz, Saving the Liberty Bell by Megan McDonald, Everyone counts: a citizen’s number book by Elissa Grodin

Maps: list as many states as possible

Patriotic songs: What does it mean?

Vocabulary: match terms with their definition (citizenship, country, elections, freedom, citizen, civic education, democracy, justice, rights, liberty, & Constitution)

Scenarios: What should you do? What would you do? Titles– responsibility- whose is it?, call for compassion, respect, the homework truth, be kind: rewind for responsibility, brave on the ball field, truth in friendship, test your compassion, it takes guts

Computer: good websites-

Pledge of allegiance: finding synonyms, using a thesaurus to replace words (you may want to use

United Streaming video: list of 3 things responsible for